How the Initiative began

 Diarmuid Byron-O’Connor and Adam Butcher created a partnership in 2008 following the highly successful outcome of the large site specific sculpture project at Chestnut Grove School in Balham. A second large project has been given the green light at the school and an outreach programme to 15 local primary schools is being planned. A small scale project has just been completed at Merton Park Primary and Adam and Diarmuid are currently negotiating a project at Torpoint College, Cornwall. Adam and Diarmuit have successfully showcased the Initiative at the 2010 Specialist Trust Arts conference.

 The Projects

 In essence, these projects work by following a vocational path where the pupils are commissioned to come up with a viable idea for a large-scale site-specific sculpture that would be sited in the grounds of their own school. From the outset, pupils are made aware of and take into consideration the practical and financial parameters, the deadlines and even the health and safety issues. Given a simple theme, Nature for example, they are encouraged to draw from observation using found primary sources and are taught to develop these from 2D sketches into ideas for 3D maquettes. These ideas are discussed and each pupil starts to build their maquette using a range of materials provided. We conclude with an exhibition where all outcomes of the project, including samples of developmental studies, are displayed and shared with the school communities. The maquettes that best meet the brief are short-listed. The successful idea are then made on a large scale and installed professionally.

If you are interested in discussing the initiative further or seek support in setting up similar projects, pease contact Adam and Diarmuid  on abutcher1.212@lgflmail.org or on byronoconnor@btinternet.com .